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David Keane
David is an Osteopath (I.O.) that has spent his life breaking and building his own body. As a competitive rugby player he was constantly searching for ways to improve his performance and recover from the bumps and bruises of the game and it was in discovering the benefits of osteopathy that he found his calling as a healer.

His commitment is simple : to support people in discovering their potential to move freely and without pain and to help them create bulletproof bodies to take on life's adventures. He is certified as a level 2 ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching practitioner and offers both osteopathic treatments and customized classes combining ELDOA and myofascial stretching.

To book an osteopathic consult with him at b52 Therapeutics call (438) 476-6531

Write him at [email protected]
Osteopath (I.O)