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Heather McCurdy is a McGill University graduate in Physical and Health Education. She has always had a passion for movement but it also saved her life. Movement has given her strength mentally and physically, it’s allowed her to push herself to new levels mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s allowed her to test herself and to build confidence in herself and my capabilities throughout her journey.

With a strong past as an elite athlete in figure skating, basketball, volleyball and track and field her experiences in sports and movement have allowed her to train the best in many sports like the CFL, NFL and Pro Women’s Basketball, Women’s Professional Soccer etc. Heather’s dedication to help others along their journey in fitness and sports is a burning passion of hers. She has been in a gym with a personal trainer since She was 11 years old throughout her athletic career. Now to be able to share her knowledge and experiences with others and help them along their journey towards a positive lifestyle is her true calling .

She looks forward to seeing you in her virtual class room! Feel free to also contact her for personal training [email protected] or on her IG . Let’s get moving together!!
HIIT & Strength

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